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We are always looking for new talent and look forward to finding new colleagues for our offices in San Juan, PR. RCMdO takes great pride in the achievements of our team members both inside and outside the office; as designers, they must be encouraged to develop their own style and repertoire of work. Our team members often manage to take part in  competitions, and we as a company, value the experience that they gain from these, which in turn feeds back into our works and projects. Being a small-size company we do have some hierarchy, but all team members take an active role in the design process which we believe enriches the working environment and our projects in turn; architecture and design, for us, is team work.

If there is no job opening for you right now why don’t you send in an open application? We keep the open applications in a database that we search through the moment we are looking for new staff.

Rafael Castro Montes de Oca


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